What is hair transplant?

What is hair transplant?

It is the hair transplant procedure.

The hair roots are extracted from the back areas of the head: the nape and the space between the ears. In these areas, the hair has a genetic code against hair loss and they are removed using appropriate techniques and the grafts are implanted in areas where the hair loss occurs.


The hair transplant is performed with roots previously done with an operation that takes from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the bald areas. A blood test is performed before transplantation to determine if there are any factors that may compromise the health of patients. Blood is collected shortly and is sent to the test where it is passed through controls such as blood clotting, virus testing and diabetes level.

The patient is then required to sign a mandatory confirmation sheet to perform the hair transplant. Here the patient should talk about vitamins, medicines, diseases and everything he / she takes.

Most people go to cut the hair for the operation. However, for the most accurate diagnosis, it would be right to go without cutting your hair. In this process, both the visual diagnosis and the extent to which the hair follicle should be removed and whether the donor area will remain open are the factors that are examined. The ideal hair length is set to 1. The line is then determined according to the shape of the face and the type of hair. During the planning, how much grafts will be removed, how many roots will be planted and the planting technique will be determined. This prevents damage to other hair follicles. Hair transplantation is quite risk free today, but it has an operating time of 4-8 hours. After local anesthesia, the patient can eat snacks, watch TV or listen to music during this time. During anesthesia application, doctors make the patient lie on his stomach. Patients experience mild pain, but it ceases immediately afterwards.

The last step in hair transplantation is the placement of roots that have been kept in bowls. 1-2 hours on average for the procedure is enough. Because the roots are new and sensitive, this area should be kept open and carefully protected. At the doctor's advice, gentle washing with special medications is performed. After the operation, the regions crust and a week later begin to crumble. When the third month is reached after the operation, the transplanted hair begins to fall out. After the sixth month, the hair begins to grow back and after about 1 year, the patient has a fully grown hair.



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