Hair transplantation is the most natural and permanent way to make people suffering from hair loss to have new hair. In hair transplantation, the patient's healthy hair is self-implanted into the areas of hair loss. The area where the hair is taken is an area where there is no hair loss. Patients regain their own hair permanently with hair transplantation as if they had never shed. Our aim in hair transplantation is to provide the patient with natural medical appearance in a comfortable way with modern medical procedures. Hair transplantation was first performed in Japan in the 1930s and first appeared in the Western World in the 1950s.

Hair transplantation is a serious surgical procedure. Hair transplantation should be performed in a hospital environment to minimize risks. For best results, it is important that the procedure is performed by experienced plastic surgeons trained in this area. For hair transplantation to be successful, the hair follicles must be rapidly vascularized, ie they must adhere to the site where the follicles are placed. If done with the right method, the success rate of hair transplantation is silent. For a natural look, hair should be transported to the areas of hair loss with the right distance, right angle and right density.

Successful clinical results require a combination of medical expertise, the latest technology and high quality care. Raiz Medical Center offers first-class health services to patients. Special hair transplant packages, including accommodation in comfortable hotels near our hospitals and airport transfers, have been specially prepared for our international patients. An experienced team of international experts provides 24/7 assistance to our international patients in their own language.

It is vital that candidates seeking an effective solution against hair loss find a reliable and sterile center with an experienced doctor and team who will perform this operation with an accurate and up-to-date technique. Transmed Medical Center Medical Director Melike Külahçı, our country has become a popular center for hair transplantation, who do not have a medical diploma or activity, and do not have enough knowledge and experience in hair transplantation warns that they identify themselves as Hair Transplant Specialist. The most important issue for the health of candidates who are enthusiastic for hair transplantation is to find a doctor who follows modern medicine and is dependent on his subject in a foreign language. Unfortunately, people brought to our country as medical tourists from the Arab world and deceived at cheaper prices unfortunately suffer the most.

Hair transplantation is a preferred procedure by many people who complain about hair loss due to advanced technologies and increasing awareness in recent years. In line with scientific data and trends on a global scale, especially aesthetic and especially plastic surgeon serving the advanced technology and team of experts in various fields Raiz, quality service and more because of the high success rate is one of the world's most preferred country best hair transplantation in Turkey continues to work for.

Additionally we have:

  • Medical consultation and online budget.
  • Planning of medical appointments (pre- and postoperative evaluations).
  • Language translator help.
  • Airport transfer and arrival reception.
  • Access and organization of medical appointments and procedures.
  • Accommodation organization.
  • Orientation throughout the stay.
  • Local and international health insurance assistance.
  • Care and follow-up of your case.
  • Tour assistance for an unforgettable experience.



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