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Turkey is the first country that comes to mind about hair transplantation and has the most hair transplant surgeon concentration. The best surgeons about hair transplant in Istanbul which are ABHRS and approved by the ISHRS is a leading international hair transplant boards; Aligns with hair transplant surgeons in the US, Canada, or Europe. Clinics for hair transplant in Istanbul are the world of all health services under the guarantee of the State is among the few countries that provided to all people. This year, during the opening of hospitals in all cities of Turkey and this hospital it has led to the hiring of thousands of medical doctors to work in. Naturally, medical education developed both at university level and in practice.

Here are some statistics that will help us understand the work in the medical field in Turkey: Approximately 7 billion people in the world live in these areas and are graduating from 389 thousand people, while Turkey has a population of 80 million and 75 medical students working in the face of medical school. In this way, high-income countries, Turkey has reached 100 thousand people per doctor 150 which is the number of doctors per capita. As you can understand from this, hair plantation is carried out by specialist doctors in Turkey especially clinics and doctors for hair transplant in Istanbul are much more special. Doctors specialize in dermatology because they analyze the scalp well. In addition, we see that aesthetic surgery doctors also work in the field of hair transplantation. If you want the best result for hair transplantation in Istanbul, contact us from our website



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