How Have Hair Transplant Applications Began?

How Have Hair Transplant Applications Began?

After hair loss caused by genetic or hormonal activities, transplantation is a method developed to regain self confidence and regain aesthetic appearance. Today, this method, which has different application techniques in men and women, is divided into different categories.

With the technology developed so far, great progress has been made in the field of hair transplantation and different methods have been revealed. In Istanbul clinics, where hair transplantation services are provided, hair follicles are mainly taken from the donor area. Then the hair transplant is performed in the required areas.

Fue, follicular unit extraction, is a modern technique developed in the 1990s. During this operation, the hair roots are removed from the desired donor area one by one with the help of a special cutting micro motor. It is then planted one by one in the necessary areas on the surface of the hair. The main advantages of this method are that no sutures are required and a practical result is obtained with local anesthesia. It is used to provide a good job with a natural image without scarring. The Fue hair transplant, which became preferred especially after the 2000s and is still used today as the gold standard.



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