Fue Hair Transplant Method


It has been applied for many years as a classic method, mainly for men, requiring pre operation hair shaving. Women often have stronger hair on the back of their necks, stem cells extracted from this region can be planted elsewhere and the process can be completed without having to shave the entire head.

After the operation, the patient returns home and begins to wash her hair as specified and the effects such as redness and swelling disappear within a short time. That way you can get back to business or social life quickly.

Even though the FUE technique is the most widely used, there are also cases where the DHI hair transplant method fits better in the female case because it does not require hair shaving for the operation.

To apply the method in a healthy manner, a good research is done on the causes of hair loss. In this context, clinics first perform blood tests and dermatological exams. Thus, it is possible to obtain a more concrete result about the method of hair transplantation that should be used.

Hair transplantation is one of the first solutions that come to mind of all women against the problem of hair loss that negatively affects social life. Because it is never desirable to live a life with psychological and depressed problems in social life because of lost hair.

Hair loss can be found in many problems such as age, stress, unbalanced nutrition, disease or genetic factors. This is seen not only in a specific segment of society or at a very low level, but in almost 50% of women. Although this rate is 80% for men.

Many women, however, choose to have a hair transplant for purely aesthetic reasons. There are cases where forehead size may be decreased by implanting capillary follicles in the front line, thus forming a higher capillary density in the forehead region.

There are cases where hair transplant is not suitable for females, and women should seek medical treatment to prevent hair loss. However, when a woman fits for transplant but chooses to undergo different treatments, such as the use of cosmetics and medicines, the desired result can be time consuming, tedious and difficult to achieve.

First and foremost, it is important to know how high quality this professional is, as many people may mislead you, or you may also find wrong information ads and face the fraud of marketing methods. At this point, it is advisable to first consult a dermatologist and a hair transplant doctor to properly investigate your case.

A second very common method called PRP is a treatment with plateletrich plasma. In fact, this procedure is a non-surgical method that provides restorative and protective support for existing hair and against hair loss. The blood sample is taken from the person, the blood and plasma are separated from each other. This plasma is then reintroduced into the subject by injection.

As a final point, hair mesotherapy may be preferred especially for women experiencing hair loss due to hormonal imbalance.

After all this analysis, you will determine how appropriate it is for you to perform your hair transplant and if this is the best solution to your problem. Thus, the treatment will provide a satisfactory result, both in terms of health and aesthetics.



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