Beard is important for men's self-confidence and appearance, but in some cases you cannot intensify the beard as much as you want. The Clinic Center offers you a permanent solution. Clinic Center is one of Turkey's best medical tourism company for international patients with appropriate costs. Successful 10+ years of experience using our specialist partner FUE beard transplant in Turkey offer our patients the treatment of facial hair loss.


Beard is one of the most important parts of men's appearance and is often seen as a manifestation of masculinity, so even facial beard losscan affect psychology. Because of heredity, aging, scarring, immune diseases or trichotillomania beard may be thin, irregular or spotty and may even disappear completely. Beard transplantation is the best and lasting solution for men who struggle with beard loss and want to have a unique style.

Beard transplantation is a painless cosmetic surgical procedure that allows for the restoration of the beard by transferring beard grafts from high-density areas to the recipient site where thinning or hair loss occurs. Donor beard grafts are usually drawn from the back of the head. The procedure will take place in the presence of an experienced and well-equipped health team in Turkey.

The procedure can be performed after the 20s when hormone levels are determined. For best results beard transplant in Turkey FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is applied. This technique is preferred because the surgical instruments used are sufficiently advanced to allow rapid extraction and no visible, permanent scar can be seen in the donor site. Learn more about the FUE technique here.

The number of grafts required may vary, but the averages are 350-500 grafts for mustache, 600-900 grafts for a full goatee, 200-300 grafts for each side seam, and 300 to 900 grafts for each cheek beard. Facial transplantation according to the size of Turkey, the procedure will take approximately 2 to 5 hours. On the day after the procedure, the patients have a final check-up and post-care instructions. Click here for pre- and postoperative instructions. The transplanted area can be easily shaved and cut after the healing process is complete.

Raize Medical Center experts common for a permanent solution to the beard loss in Turkey Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) realizes beard transplant technique. The maximum number of grafts, PRP Therapy, accommodation and medication, lotion and so on. Containing all-inclusive packages FUE transplant Beard made more than 5,000 satisfied patients, thanks to an experienced and talented professionals partner Turkey is the best targets for this procedure.

Raize Medical Center, is one of Turkey's best beard transplant clinic and at the same time TCA is approved by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Health and supported. Raiz helps beard transplant abroad with high quality service and is cost effective. Because we believe he feels better when he looks better.

After your beard transplant experience that Raize's support in Turkey, will be under the beard transplant results;

  • Natural and intense looking beard.
  • Increased self esteem.
  • Plump and thick beard.
  • Masculine appearance.



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