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RAIZ MEDICAL CENTER started with the desire of the founders to turn the dreams of foreigners into reality. The purpose of the Raiz, Turkey is located in the most prestigious hospitals bring back self-respect and ensure the best trip.

We offer a high level of service at RAIZ MEDICAL CENTER. Every staff member tries to make your stay in Istanbul as pleasant as possible. Our faculty consists of the most qualified specialists who will treat each case uniquely and provide the best technique and the best result together with the medical surgeon who specializes in hair transplantation.

We have worked hard to serve our thousands of male and female patients in the best way and to find lasting solutions. We spent a lot of time and took a lot of time with our specialist doctors in fully equipped hospitals using modern technologies.

We have provided the latest technologies used in the world for our country. Thus, he encouraged patients who were considering going abroad to do the transplant operations in Raiz.

In addition, patient care abroad; contributed to the national economy.

We have always prioritized the wishes of our valued patients and helped them choose the best option for their treatment. We know that the success rate of treatment is directly proportional to the patient's comfort and happiness. That is why we listen and understand you. We have made our services more understandable by providing comprehensive videos and information to our anxious and scared patients before the hair transplant operation.

Raiz Medical Center is an experienced institution that serves patients living in different parts of the world with professionalism. Over the years, increasing professionalism, easy integration into technological developments and a perfectionist approach have brought our reputation to different parts of the world.

We provide all services from the friendly reception to the professional operation of the operation and back to your country. Everyone's goal is to satisfy you completely. The staff speaks English, we speak Portuguese and Turkish in the organization. As the Raiz team, we aim to establish lasting and reliable relationships between our brand and our medical guests, as well as providing quality as a clinically monitored and reliable clinic in the field of Raiz.

Hair transplantation in our hospitals is carried out with the latest techniques and working methods. All Hair Transplant procedures comply with international guidelines and hygiene, safety and quality management. Commitment to patient satisfaction and high standards of health care was awarded the Joint Commission International (JCI) certificate.

Our Difference:

  • High standard of service offered.
  • Turkey's largest hospital band who just.
  • Turkey's most famous hair transplant doctors.
  • High-tech and modern equipment.
  • We see each patient uniquely, so that we can achieve the best results for each.

Raiz Medical Center offers you the best and most advanced solutions for hair, eyebrow, mustache and beard cultivation with modern technology. If you want to get positive results under the supervision of a specialist doctor in a full-fledged hospital; You can choose our center.

When it comes to health, we take it seriously, and with medical ethics, our medical professionals will demonstrate the best technique and the right diagnosis to achieve the best results for our Hair Transplant patients.



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